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Our Social Enterprises

The Upper Murray Community Bakery
in July of 2015 the CNC purchased its first social enterprise, the upper Murray community bakery, the first of its kind in the area.
The enterprise was created to increase the opportunities for work based training in our community and to support the ongoing operating costs of the CNC after it was established that the funding being received at the time was insufficient to sustain the rapidly expanding core service demands.
In the Bakery's first 5 years of operation they had an average of 20% pa sales growth and a total surplus of $409k that was utilised to support other CNC activities.
The upper Murray community bakery is a social enterprise focused on :
  • Meeting a need within the Upper Murray community 
  • Providing opportunities for employment & training
  • Not being in direct competition with existing local businesses 
  • Rejuvenating business premises that are in need of refurbishment or renewal 
  • becoming profitable (long term)
The Upper Murray Community Garage
In May of 2018, 18 months after planning and sourcing funds, the CNC opened its second social enterprise venturelocated in Walwa, a small township located 50km out of Corryong.
We have been able to set up UMCG thanks to a philanthropic grant from the William Buckland Foundation   (WBF) to purchase the premises and a low rate commercial loan from Social Enterprise Finance Australia   (SEFA), which allowed us to renovate the building as well as equip the workshop.
while its required these ventures ultimately generate a financial surplus , this isn't expected from the UMCG until 2026/2027
   The garage follows the same structure as the bakery but additionally wish to put specific focus on :
  •  making a notable physical improvement in a declining, small, rural township.
  •  Passing on useful skills & experience
  •  to promote and support youth employment & ongoing education
  •  to rejuvenate an existing or establish a unique new business to meet an identified gap in current services and supplies
corryong_bakery_small size-8127.jpg
corryong_bakery_small size-8223.jpg
corryong_building_small size-8015.jpg

Peter Jenkins - Mechanic

front of garage.jpg

Upper Murray Community Garage (Walwa)

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