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Request For Auspice

Each applicant must fill out the form below - Select either the link or icon to open

  • All requests for auspice must be submitted to CNC/UMIF for consideration, together with all relevant documents & information, at least 5 working days ahead of grant submission due date.

  • CNC/UMIF is only able to auspice applications which meet the purposes of the organisations.  While our purposes cover a broad range of community activities, development and support, we are unable to support any application which provides financial gain or advantage for individuals or businesses beyond recompense for goods & services provided.  All auspiced projects must provide direct, broad and inclusive community benefit.

  • CNC/UMIF will determine which organisation will auspice any application.  The CNC or UMIF name or details should not be included in any documentation until approval is obtained and the appropriate organisation is identified

  • Any project auspiced by the CNC/UMIF must acknowledge the auspice in any promotional material developed and at any event/activity delivered as part of the project.  The appropriate logos etc will be provided by CNC/UMIF when approval for the auspice is given.

  • If insurance coverage is required as part of the auspice, a risk assessment document must be submitted and any risks deemed unacceptable by the CNC/UMIF Committee must be mitigated. To be covered by insurance, the project/event/activity must be identified and promoted as a Neighbourhood House/UMIF auspiced event.

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