Upper Murray Youth Space

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What was asked for from the Youth!
Street sleep outs (possible fund raiser for the centre or charities). Concerts / Disco. Long distance trips (Melbourne, Sydney, Shopping  Centres e.g. Albury, The Coast). Local monthly trips ( The River, Bluff Falls, Tumba). Paintball / Lazer Tag / Tenpin Bowling / Mini Golf. Go Cart trips. Outdoor Cinemas (this has been held at the Corryong  Pool in the past). Boxing / Fight Club / Kick Boxing (look into the Gym  being a possibility). Australia Day Pool Party. Song Recording. Ice Skating / Roller Blading (possible Roller Hockey  program). Motorbike Riding (get in contact with local Motor  groups, Dicky Knee’s, etc. Possible collaboration for  training and safe ride days). Magic. Reunion Dinners (Faulty Towers could be involved,  Youth Space seats 40 people). Teen Gym (Organise with Gym). Bike Rides. Clay-bird Shooting / Hunting (Gun Safety, facilitating  days - talk to gun clubs, etc). Skate Competition. Music Competition. River Trips - Fishing, Kayaking. Vegetable Garden (get them involved in the centre). Driving Courses - L platers, P platers, 4WD Courses, Safety Driving.
Camping (at the River, Slackness, etc). Arts Programs. Study area (have certain time for study areas, tutoring  options during this time). Cooking Classes. Table Tennis Competition. Karaoke (Sing Star). Horse Riding. Swimming (pool, rivers, creeks, Khancoban Dam). Blue Light Disco. Acting / Singing (Drama classes, etc). Boot Camp (The Gym is launching a boot, possibility of a youth boot camp being involved). Poetry. Monthly / Weekly Game Nights (Poker, Twister, Pub  Games, Table Tennis, Pool, Air Hockey). Books. Good books for young people (look into the  Library, maybe renting books aimed specifically at young  people). Archery. Nerf Guns / Nerf War (cheaper alternative for  Paintball Day). Snow Trips (Winter); Downhill Mountain Biking  (Summer) at Thredbo, Falls Creek, etc. Technology Days - New tech, info days, etc. Water Skiing. Connect to other Towns close by. Girls Nights. Job Seeking Help. Living Skills Education (Billing, Budgeting, Essentials).
Upper Murray Youth Space
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