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Upper Murray Innovation Foundation

UMIF was created on 20 June 2016 by changing the name and purpose of the Corryong Community Education Centre.   UMIF has been established as a community foundation.  A Community Foundation is a local, independent, community owned  philanthropic organisation.  Community Foundations work to collect funds through donations and grants to build endowment funds  to support local organisations and initiatives, bringing people together to build social capital and strengthen their community.  Examples of other community foundations are the Border Trust & the Lord Mayor’s Foundation.   In the short term, UMIF will support CNC associated activities.  In the future, with capital accumulated from donations from CNC  social enterprises, UMIF will support broader projects which provide opportunities for community growth and meet identified  community needs.   UMIF is a member of Australian Community Philanthropy and will be seeking recognition for DGR status as part of that not-for-   profit membership organisation.   UMIF received its first donation of $5,000 from the Upper Murray Community Bakery (CNC) at the 2016 AGM.   Current activities are:   Critical monthly financial support to Corryong Food Share.   Utilising property assets as collateral for first CNC social enterprise.   Purchasing bus (with corporate sponsorship assistance) for the Corryong Youth Program initiative and made available at  minimal cost to CNC affiliated groups.  
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