Upper Murray Community Bakery

The Upper Murray Community Bakery is a CNC Social Enterprise - the first of its  kind in the area. The enterprise was created to increase the opportunities for work  based training in our community and support the ongoing operating costs of the  CNC.   The Bakery has now been operating successfully for 12 months. Sales have  increased by 10% and we have a great team of workers being led by our new  baker and his wife.   Customers will notice an array of new products and improvements to their  favourites. More upgrades for the bakery are planned for the next 12 months with new display cabinets arriving in July 2016.   In the future, surplus funds will be donated to the new charitable arm of the CNC, the Upper Murray Innovation Foundation (UMIF)  to assist in the support and development of the Upper Murray.   ** Purchase any 6 of the same item and only pay for 5! **
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