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Corryong CNC Events
Garden Getabout The Corryong Neighbourhood Centre holds their  Garden Getabout on the second weekend of  November each year. The event will be run over  2 days and 10 plus local gardens in Corryong  and the surrounding picturesque Upper Murray  district will be open to the public.  
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Upper Murray Youth Program  Recently, the Corryong Neighbourhood Centre  enquired about what our Youths would like to  happen within the community and what will bring  the community together ...  
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Elyne Mitchell Writing Awards  The Elyne Mitchell Writing Award is held every year.  Prize money is available across 3 categories of short  stories, either fiction or non-fiction … entries must  have a strong rural theme!  
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Much more is happening at the CNC …  Courses  Groups  Activities And lots more occasions …  Why not find out what the Corryong Neighbourhood  Centre has on offer for you?  
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